Solar Lighting

Perfect Solar Lighting

Lighting technology has developed in massive leaps and bounds in recent years, with the advances made by light bulb technology allowing for a new generation of low voltage lighting and especially solar lighting.

Super bright LEDs that run a low voltage, combined with advances in solar panel technology mean that today, a small unobtrusive solar panel can harness enough power from an average British weather day to power a set of 400 or 500 light bulb fairy lights for 6 – 8 hours.

The key to buying solar lights that work in UK weather is the ability of the solar panel to capture energy from daylight rather than needing bright sunshine to function effectively.

There are lots of low cost solar lights on sale across eBay, Amazon etc. as well as in garden centres and stores up and down the country. Many of these are not equipped to deal with our inclement weather and so underperform (or fail to work very well at all).

These cheaper devices have given solar lighting a bad press in the UK because equipment does exist that will work very well in our climate.

Because many of these devices are made in China, where the climate is warmer and brighter, meaning that (in the case of the cheaper units), while they work ok when tested by the factories, over here they will struggle.

Higher quality solar lights will work in duller weather, just be sure to check the product feedback before you buy and you won’t go wrong.

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