How To Create High Value Backlinks

High Quality Backlinks & How To Build Them

Backlinks are the backbone on which the internet is built. Each site that points to a page of your site with a text or image link counts as a vote, either aiding your websites’ trust and authority, or hindering it in the case of low quality, spammy links.

If you want to rank well for what you do, rather than just your domain name or brand name then you need targeted, good quality backlinks pointing to the important pages and content on your site.

Every link carries a range of attributes, depending on the site it comes from and the links that link to it. The link to your page passes a percentage of those attributes to your page, which in turn will pass a lesser percentage of those attributes onwards to pages that you link to.

Backlink Structure

There are several important parts to backlink construction that need to be understood if you are going to create a link profile that works well and gives you good Google rankings and traffic. The following list of quality link attributes, provided by Deeho profiles the ideals for each link that you create.

Links can be;

  • NoFollow or DoFollow
  • Text or Image links
  • Targeted with keywords, Brand or URL variations

In general terms, nofollow links aren’t counted in order to establish your rankings. BUT….. a link profile without nofollow links looks unnatural so you need to have some.

Links consist of either text, be it your brand name (XYZ Company) or your URL ( or variations of exact match keyword anchor text (Red Plastic Buckets, Plastic Bucket Manufacturers, Cheap Red Buckets, etc).

The ratio of these links and how you use them is critical to your ranking success. Too many exact match or partial match anchor texts will harm rankings instead of improving them.

Image links can either have alt text or not. The alt text and/or image title is normally used as the ‘anchor text’ for the image so be careful what you use, because the more you describe the image, the more you affect your link profile ratios.

If you leave the alt text and image title empty then the link will show as ’empty link text’. These links take their relevance and authority from the content surrounding the image on the page. Having empty links is an important part of your link profile.

Aim for 80% Brand & URL variations, 15% empty and junk links (read more, click here, etc), 4% partial keyword match 1% or less exact match anchor text.


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