How To Create High Value Backlinks

High Quality Backlinks & How To Build Them

Backlinks are the backbone on which the internet is built. Each site that points to a page of your site with a text or image link counts as a vote, either aiding your websites’ trust and authority, or hindering it in the case of low quality, spammy links.

If you want to rank well for what you do, rather than just your domain name or brand name then you need targeted, good quality backlinks Continue reading “How To Create High Value Backlinks”

Secure Online Shopping

Tips for Secure Online Shopping

Online shopping couldn’t be easier, as many of us know, and more are finding out all the time.

In fact somewhere around 95% of the UK population have looked to make purchases online, and most have. From clothes to groceries, and from music to motorcars, there are deals on virtually anything at any time.

It has become second nature for many to buy online, almost without a second thought, but, as history stands testament, wherever there is money, there will be an element prepared to take it illegally Continue reading “Secure Online Shopping”

UK Driving Totting Bans

Totting Bans

In the UK, motorists have 12 penalty points available to offset against road traffic offences they commit. For each offence, magistrates and courts (or the fixed penalty process) issues points depending on the offence committed.

Many offences including low speed speeding, bald tyres, mobile phone, no seatbelt, etc. attract 3 points, whereas no insurance offences, or failing to name the driver earn you Continue reading “UK Driving Totting Bans”

Solar Lighting

Perfect Solar Lighting

Lighting technology has developed in massive leaps and bounds in recent years, with the advances made by light bulb technology allowing for a new generation of low voltage lighting and especially solar lighting.

Super bright LEDs that run a low voltage, combined with advances in solar panel technology mean that today, a small unobtrusive solar panel can harness enough power from an average Continue reading “Solar Lighting”